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About Peanuts in Wonderland: Unique Handmade and Sustainable Goods from Around the World

We Sell Slow Fashion Products That Have a Soul!

Peanuts in Wonderland is a marketplace for unique handmade items, with an emphasis on sustainable and slow fashion. We believe in easy access to things that are good for our mind, body and spirit, but also good and respectful of our planet. Our goal is to make it easy for you to buy these handmade goods from all over the globe. We try to support local artisans and workers in developing countries as well as promote sustainable working practices so we all have a future on this beautiful planet!

Many of the artisans we work with also help with communities or environmental issues. We want to give more visibility to those small realities that are trying to make a difference and do good for our planet.

How Our Journey Began: Back in 2019

a man and a girl walking on the beach

We began from a small idea in the head of our two founders. They love to travel, and even more, they love the differences that you can find in different cultures and discover unique goods, handmade by local artisans that represent the places where they live. We believe that handmade items represent the cultures they come from in a much more authentic way than factory-made products. Not to mention, handmade goods are often of better quality and last longer. We also love the sustainable and slow fashion movement, which is all about buying less but buying better. Supporting local artisans and workers in developing countries is one way we can all help make a difference.

Traveling to different parts of the world, finding handmade treasures, and bringing them back to our little online store. We loved everything about it – from discovering new items and creators, to photographing and listing them on our site. It was a lot of work but it was so worth it! Every time we added a new product to our store, we felt like we were sharing a little piece of the culture where it was made.

Now, Peanuts in Wonderland has become a trusted source for unique handmade items from all over the world. We continue to add new products as we discover more amazing artisans/small businesses and their handmade treasures. We hope you take some time to look around our website and discover handmade items that will make your life a little more beautiful!

The Idea: Promoting Local Artisans

a artisan girl creating handmade products

The idea was to create a platform where all these local artisans and small businesses could gain visibility on their unique products, make it easy for everyone to discover them and be able to buy them from the comfort of your living room. We try to support local artisans and workers in developing countries and promote sustainable working to ensure the real long-term growth of the community. We do this by making their beautiful handcrafted goods accessible to you.

Sustainability and handmade are two important values to us, which is why we try our best to support sustainable practices. Buying handmade items supports the local economy of the artisan and also promotes traditional skills that might otherwise be lost. We love that every item in our store has a unique story behind it!

Discovering Handmade and Sustainable Beauty

a girl making a handmade vase using sustainable materials

The story behind a product matters to us. We want to know how it’s made, who’s making it, and the process that leads to the finished design. We are proud that most of our products are handmade using natural, sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Every product we choose incorporates elements of creativity and stun us with its beauty and quality. You will always find something special and unique on our website either for you or for a special gift. Our products not only are beautiful but they also have a soul.

We want our handmade products to be accessible and easy for everyone. That’s why we aim at making handmade items available in one place, where you can find everything handmade from all over the world! We are proud that every product has a unique story behind it!

Trying to make a difference in our communities with slow fashion

Many of the artisans we promote devote parts of their profit to charities, like this one below, handmade in Canada using sustainable materials. 25% of the profits from these items below are donated to charities that support mothers with postpartum depression and to other isolated communities.

Many of the artisans we work with also help with environmental issues, like deforestation, cleaning our oceans, and so on, like these items below. We want to give more visibility to those small realities that are trying to make a difference and do good for our planet.

On our side too, we have a plan for the future that includes charities, planting trees, and offsetting our carbon footprint. When you buy from us you not only get beautiful high-quality items, but you also know that you are doing good for our planet and for our communities.

Your decisions today will define your tomorrow.

Cit. Boho Beautiful

This is what makes us who we are; this is Peanuts in Wonderland.

So… What do you think? Would handmade and sustainable items make your life a little more beautiful too? If so, we invite you to explore our store and discover handmade and sustainable products that will bring joy into your life!

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